References and Resources

Here are websites to help you to your knowledge about the gaming industry.

A gaming hub that gets updated every minute with the latest gaming news from major gaming websites. A very important website to visit because
*you would get the mixed reactions from many gamers and fans
*your number 1 stop for breaking news in the gaming industry, this is the only and fastest way you hear it first
*it will definitely increase your knowledge towards the gaming industry. Many gamers just think of themselves as gamers but are aware they are part of the Gaming Industry just like you
*Whether you are an analytic, marketer or game designer, you will get the latest news about Developers opinions, NPD sales for hardware and software, industry espionage, and lies and truth about the gaming industry

If you have finished your course or University for a Game course and are ready to work for a developer. This site will keep you an insight on developers localisation. Yes you need to relocate if you want to join a developer/publisher. You should also take a look at this site, a developer might just be close to your location.

I haven’t thoroughly checked this site yet though when I’m close to finishing my course I’ll visit it. It is important since the site covers the purpose of getting ready for a job and looking for a job in the gaming industry.

An important site! N4G may be a site that gradually improves your gaming knowledge and gradually educates you. However Gamasutra is a website for the proper gamers and developers in the industry who look for legit and in-depth news in the gaming industry. N4G may have news based upon the industry however it is polluted by many socialist, fake journalist and wanna-be journlaist who call themselves real journalist. You would often find unnecessary news about developers, seriously why do you want to know what Cliffy B says on his tweeter in reply to someone else? Therefore Gamasutra is a website to definitely check out if you are serious about the gaming industry.

A website dedicated to users who are looking for more insight in the gaming industry, supposing and including users trying to break into the gaming industry.

Here’s a good resource if you want to get a proper lecture for gaming industry insight. I wouldn’t recommend this site though the information the author has for the site is worth a read. Basically the author is an industry experienced designer and gamer. He gives his advice, ‘opinion’, experience and insight about being a Game Designer. So if you are trying to be a game designer like myself, you need to read this. The guy has a lot of points however many of his points are really opinion and outdated, I would advise you not to buy too many of his words, if you are unsure, it is best to contact the user. For an example he claims that it is impossible to get a job role as a designer straight from finishing university, which is not true.

Another website dedicated to the gaming industry and for those who are serious about the gaming industry, much like Gamasutra.

Compiles all list of engines, middleware softwares, audio softwares, models etc everything needed! If you are a developer or designer, this must not be ignored.


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